Going the Wrong Way,

by Chris Donaldson

A young Belfast man sets off on his Moto Guzzi Le Mans, to find himself, and the road to Australia. What could possibly go wrong!

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Going The Wrong Way, by Chris Donaldson

Brought up in 1970s Belfast during the Troubles, Chris planned for years to escape Northern Ireland and ride a motorcycle to Australia. But the Iranian revolution closed the road east and he spent the next two years traveling the world on trains, planes, bikes and yachts.
After blasting through blizzards in the Austrian Alps, he found himself trapped in Israel, then in Syria and Jordan, being held up by local Militia with machine guns and fighting off homosexual custom officers.



This is a really great book to read. Not dressed up and describes just how much you can achieve with determination and not always believing no is a no can do. Many off the issues still exist today, but Chris overcame them without the benefits of the modern technologies that we rely on today .
A great read with typical Belfast humour to see him through the darkest of times. A great insight to traveling in the pre social media and digital times,could relate to so much of it and on a Moto Guzzi too. Thoroughly recommend it I enjoyed the journey very much.
Loved the book. Discovered it on ebay whilst looking for a copy of guzziology, ( I have an old spada that's been in restoration for many years). The delayed publication of the book adds a longer retrospective and context to the trip which was done on a shoestring budget and relied on chris's luck,determination and ability to get out of tight spots

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